The initiative  » social networks and digital identity « , is carried by the Space Mendès France, the center of technical and industrial scientific culture, and led by the Lieu multiple, dedicated to the digital creation in partnership with Canopé, the network of creation and educational supports of the Department of Education.

This action benefits from the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (DRAC Poitou – Charente).

General coordination:

Didier Moreau, managing director of Espace Mendès France
Patrick Tréguer, manager Lieu multiple

Actions de médiation et artistique
Thomas Cheneseau, curator of exhibition Unlike
– Laure Boyer, manager in Unlike mediation
Patrick Tréguer, manager Lieu multiple
Bernard Usé, support of the uses in the digital technology-CANOPÉ- Regional education authority in Poitiers
Dominique Quella-Villéger, managing director Atelier Canopé de Poitiers
Karine Aillerie, research analyst, management R*D uses of the educational digital technology
Estelle Béline, coordinator of partnerships arts and culture, delegation in the arts and in the culture- CANOPÉ

Media relations

Thierry Pasquier,  headmaster in edition and  communication in EMF
assited with Justine Chauvin, Communication manager

Mediation for Unlike Exhibition
Vincent Vallade


Workshops and Canopé Network

Placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, the higher education and the research, the Canopé network edits educational transmedias resources (printed, DIGITAL, MOBILE, TV), meeting the needs of the educational community. Leading player of the refoundation of the school, it conjugates innovation and pedagogy to let in
The School in the era of the digital technology. Everywhere in France, Canopé sites welcomes the teachers and the partners of the education within open and friendly spaces:  Canopé studios. At the same time bookshops, media libraries, spaces of training, experiments and animations, Canopé studios are places of closeness proposing multiple features and services.

Atelier Canopé 86 – Poitiers
6 rue Sainte Catherine
86034 Poitiers Cedex

Espace Mendès France

The adventure of science in all its diversity

The‭ ‬Espace Mendès France‭ ‬owes its existence to researchers from the University of Poitiers,‭ ‬strong advocates of popular science and education who in the‭ ‬1980‭’‬s went out to meet‭ ‬local residents to discuss their work and show,‭ ‬using‭ “‬hands-on‭”‬ demonstrations,‭ ‬that science could be accessible and even fascinating to the general public.‭

Situated in the heart of the Romanesque city,‭ ‬the center for scientific and technical culture of Poitiers is invested with three missions:‭ ‬popularizing the sciences and their professions,‭ ‬educating the public‭ ‬in science and technology,‭ ‬and providing a forum for discussion of social and cultural issues.‭ ‬These actions almost systematically involve researchers and scientists.‭ ‬They are carried out in partnership with universities,‭ ‬major research institutions‭ ‬and a multitude of non-profit associations and organizations,‭ ‬with the financial support of local and regional authorities and the‭ ‬French‭ ‬Ministry of Culture‭ ‬and Research.

The number of visitors has increased year after year:‭ ‬over‭ ‬100,000‭ ‬in‭ ‬2005,‭ ‬of which‭ ‬28,000‭ ‬attended events organized outside the center which were coordinated by the Espace Mendès-France,‭ ‬such as the science festivals‭ ‬la‭ ‬Fête de la science and‭ ‬La science se livre.‭ ‬Hundreds of scientists and other specialists have been invited to share their knowledge and dialogue with the public.‭ ‬Diversity is a key aspect of all of the EMF‭’‬s activities,‭ ‬in terms of both themes and‭ ‬topics.‭ ‬Temporary exhibitions cover a broad range of subjects,‭ ‬from Toumaï to Jules Verne,‭ ‬insects to mammoths,‭ ‬mathematics to chemistry,‭ ‬economics to germs,‭ ‬etc.‭

Other subjects in which the EMF has a special interest include health,‭ ‬research professions,‭ ‬astronomy‭ (‬the center has a planetarium‭)‬,‭ ‬information technology and sustainable growth.‭ ‬In the history of science,‭ ‬the EMF has developed a center of expertise which is unique in France.‭ ‬The multimedia cultural space is a small galaxy onto itself where teachers and creators come together to work on atypical interactive artistic projects.‭ ‬Traditional print media,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬still have a place at the EMF:‭ ‬Editions Atlantique has published fifteen works,‭ ‬and‭ ‬each quarter thousands of readers eagerly await their issue of L‭’‬Actualité Poitou-Charentes,‭ ‬a magazine dedicated to research,‭ ‬innovation,‭ ‬heritage and creation.‭

Recently,‭ ‬the center has been expanded to include two‭ ‬new‭ ‬spaces open to all:‭ ‬the Cyber-base and the DNA School.‭ ‬The former offers new services to users seeking training in basic computer and internet skills‭; ‬the latter is a center for information,‭ ‬awareness and discussion‭ ‬regarding the development of the life sciences.

The‭ ‬Espace Mendès‭ ‬France is a permanent site for exchange,‭ ‬culture and recreation which is open‭ ‬to‭ ‬everyone,‭ ‬every day of the week,‭ ‬where the general public and scientists,‭ ‬artists and players from all‭ ‬branches of the professional,‭ ‬educational and non-profit sectors naturally come together to share their ideas.‭

Espace Mendès France – center of technical and industrial scientific culture
1 pl de la Cathédrale CS 80964 – 86038 Poitiers cedex
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